Job search as per relevant experience, LMIA approval, Work permit Application, CEC Filing for PR.

A work visa / permit authorise individuals who aspire to travel to a foreign land to explore job opportunities or take up arranged employment.

Applicants, who are skilled and qualified professionally and, who are interested in searching for jobs or those who are already appointed by a company according to the General Labor Agreement would be issued work visa by the destination country.

  • LMIA approved work visas for Canada

  • EUROPE employment Visa

  • GULF employment Visa

Unlocking Career opportunities with Thapar Immigration

  • Step 1. Get your Career Strategy
  • Step 2. Build your Suitable Profile
  • Step 3. Resume Writing
  • Step 4. Resume Marketing

Why apply for a Work Permit?

  • Rapid economic growth
  • Excellent work-life balance
  • 5x more income than your current salary
  • Millions of job opportunities in various sectors
  • Professional jobs market is truly global
  • Better career opportunities and prospects
  • Develop your cultural intelligence
  • Expand your professional network
  • Healthcare & social benefits
  • Retirement benefits

Work Process


Research Your Options


Select Country


Apply for work visa


Arrange all requirements


Prepare for IELTS


Get Work Visa


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