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Canada ranks very high as a preference for migrating from India. The process is easy and the benefits of becoming a Permanent Resident are countless. Not only Canada ranks high in quality of life, it also provides an individual with ample growth opportunities and benefits of medical assistance and education for your family.

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You can live and work in any part of Australia as a Permanent Resident. The system is point based and you are awarded points based on your age, education, work experience, marital status, etc. If you have studied or worked in Australia, you have an added advantage as you get points for the same.

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Boasting of beautiful beaches and clear waters, Croatia, is fast emerging as a hotspot for tourists internationally. It is also welcoming international students to come and pursue higher studies. International students who wish to study in Croatia must apply for temporary residence permit if their stay in Croatia is for a period of more than 90 days.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is fast gaining popularity as a chosen destination to pursue higher studies by international students. Not only the programs offered provide quality but, research facilities are also very good. New Zealand education institutions believe in the holistic development of students so, a student enjoys a host of extra curricular activities during the study period.

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom or more commonly known as UK is a part of the continent of Europe and is one of the strongest and oldest economies in the world. The seat of world’s most popular monarchy is a popular choice among immigrants because of the world class education system and healthcare services.

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British Columbia

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) offers eligible entrepreneurs, who are able to establish and run a successful business, along with their family members, a very bright opportunity to obtain the status of Permanent Residents, which further can be converted to citizenship on meeting the necessary requirements.

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Work Permit

A work visa / permit authorize individuals who aspire to travel to a foreign land to explore job opportunities or take up arranged employment. Applicants, who are skilled and qualified professionally and, who are interested in searching for jobs or those who are already appointed by a company according to the General Labor Agreement would be issued work visa by the destination country.

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Dependent Visa

A dependent visa is a way of bringing your spouse, partner or your children to Canada, provided the individual applying for the visa is able to meet the set criteria. Whether you are studying, working or living as a Permanent Resident of Canada, you can apply for a dependent visa to get your family to stay with you.

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Devinder Singh
Merchant Navy

“My Story started way back in 2017 when i got to know about the immigration program introduced by Canada and hence my search for the best consultancy started. Since, I am in the profession named as merchant navy, none of the consultants gave me affirmation for me being eligible to apply. I went to each available door in Chandigarh as well as in Delhi. All my efforts were useless until I met HARBINDER SINGH THAPAR, CEO of Thapar Immigration who showed me the ray of hope for fulfilling my dream. And by the beginning of the new year 2020 I am a proud permanent resident of Canada because of his full dedication towards my case.

Dikshant Kumar
Social Media Marketing
New Delhi

I have applied for my Canadian PR through Express Entry in December 2020 and I got PR in April 2021. This during Covid times when most people are waiting for their PR since 2019. It would have not been possible without Harry Sir’s help. I am much grateful to him for helping me out personally through each step and being available all the time to sort my queries.  It’s because of his help and persistent support and effort, I was able to get high CRS.

Sanjeev Goel – Logistics Business Visa
New Delhi

This Testimonial is not just to thank Thapar Immigration because I got my Work Permit visa in a Record time of 6 months but also to state that Thapar Immigration is the best place for all those ambitious individuals who want to immigrate. They are Genuine and Loyal. Even if someone has lost hope because of any reason they guide you truly about what can still be done. Thanks, Harbinder ji (Harry) for your transparency and efficiency.
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