Business / Investor Visa Consultation

Our Business/Investor Visa services encompass a comprehensive range of activities designed to support your international business endeavors. We assist in Indian entity evaluation, Canadian entity formation, aligning with IRCC requirements, securing LMIA approval, and facilitating your work permit application.

It’s important to clarify that business and work visas serve distinct purposes and should not be confused:

At our firm, we’re dedicated to excellence as business visa consultant in Delhi. We offer tailored solutions fostering economic growth, welcoming business professionals worldwide, and enriching countless families through diverse opportunities and superior living standards

Unlocking Business Opportunities

A Business Visa provides individuals with the privilege to enter a host or destination country for the purpose of engaging in business activities, all while maintaining a distinction from the host country’s labour market. Unlike work permits or visas, a business visa does not imply direct employment within the host country’s labour force.

A Business Visa may be required if:

  • You plan to conduct business-related activities with a company located in the host country.
  • You intend to participate in a business conference or meeting in the host country.

Seek Business Investor Visa Assistance from Our Consultants in Delhi

With trusted business visa consultants in Delhi, venturing into international investment becomes streamlined and accessible. Explore the myriad benefits, including citizenship acquisition and portfolio diversification, across top investment destinations like the USA, UK, Canada, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Antigua & Barbuda, and beyond.

Business visas are granted under the condition that the visa holder refrain from engaging in activities that result in financial gain or receipt of funds from the host country. In certain cases, a visitor or travel visa may suffice, depending on the specific nature of the trip. The visa fee, processing time, and visa validity can vary, contingent upon the purpose of your visit and the country’s specific requirements.


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