Your Gateway to Career Advancement in Healthcare

Canada stands as the new frontier for healthcare professionals, offering a plethora of opportunities that surpass the already esteemed reputation of the United States. For those in the healthcare industry, the prospects are incredibly promising.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • GNM Diploma
  • 2 years of work experience
  • Reasonable English language capability
  • No IELTS required

Unfolding Opportunities

In Canada, the demand for healthcare professionals is booming, requiring 5,000 new professionals annually. Secure immediate employment as a Nursing Aide, offering a promising career and substantial financial rewards, with salaries up to seven times that of Indian counterparts.

For career advancement, consider upskilling to a Regular Nurse, unlocking opportunities with remuneration 15 times that of Indian salaries. Enjoy potential overtime bonuses of up to 150% and additional incentives, making the path to healthcare career growth exceptionally promising.

What is the opportunity?

  • 5000 healthcare professionals required per year in Canada
  • Get guaranteed employment on day one as a Nursing Aide
  • 7X remuneration compared to Indian Salaries
  • Upskill to Regular Nurse with a remuneration of 15X as compared to Indian Salaries
  • Overtime bonus up to 150%
  • Additional incentives

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