At Thapar Immigration, we are dedicated to the belief that quality and expertise are born from experience. Our team of immigration experts, resource persons, and process advisers specializes in managing end-to-end immigration and visa services, covering study, travel, and work for nearly all countries. With years of hands-on experience in the immigration industry, our knowledge is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

When you choose to partner with us, you not only gain the comprehensive assistance required to transform your dreams into reality, but you also stay informed about the latest developments in visa regulations and global happenings.

Meet Our Director – CEO, Mr. Harbinder Singh Thapar (Harry)

Mr. Harbinder Singh Thapar, our CEO, is dedicated to making your dream our mission. He envisions every family settling or travelling abroad as an extension of our own, and we take immense pride in providing unwavering support even after you’ve landed in your new home. Drawing from his extensive travel and immigration experiences, Mr. Thapar equips us to anticipate the challenges and opportunities awaiting you and to guide you effectively.

Our team of experts, resource persons, and process advisers are here to not only offer professional assistance but also to empower you to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that life in a new country presents. We are always available for discussions, whether you seek answers to questions about schooling for your children, job opportunities, rental facilities, or post-landing legal requirements.


Our Mission

Our mission is to impact the lives of one million individuals by 2025, enabling them to achieve their dream lives through dedicated support and resources. Together, let’s make a profound difference in the lives of one million people, empowering them to turn their dreams into reality.


Upholding truth signifies a commitment to honesty and integrity in all dealings.


This value involves openness and clarity in operations, decisions, and communication.


Building and maintaining trust involves demonstrating reliability, and honoring commitments.


Our Vision

Guided by our powerful vision, we aspire to empower our clients and their families to transcend into an elevated existence defined by exceptional quality, unwavering security, boundless abundance, and profound happiness. Together, we endeavor to facilitate their migration towards a life brimming with fulfillment, creating a transformative impact that transcends boundaries and unlocks limitless potentials.

Mr. Harbinder Singh Thapar, the CEO, takes personal interest in all the cases and even meets all the candidates at various stages of the process. His vision of changing the concept of immigration is moving in the right direction with the success stories he has already written in the limited time he has been present in the market. All the best, Thapar Immigrations and Team and a Big Thank You for being around while I and my family went through the process of getting the PR for Canada. I must mention, we got it in record time.

Pragiti Juneja

HR Professional - Gurgaon

Very soon Confidence and Canada will be spelt like Tconfidence and Tcanada with ‘T’ as silent. This will happen because of the way ‘Thapar Immigrations’ are redefining the immigration consultation processes and their efforts in turn will redefine this particular segment of the immigration consultation industry. I recommend you to connect with Thapar Immigrations even if you have already finalised to avail services from any other immigration consultant. The team is a knowledge powerhouse that works tirelessly towards your dream of immigrating as a PR, student or a businessman. They have the answers to all the questions that run through your mind before, during or after the process.


Banker - Gurgaon

This Testimonial is not just to thank Thapar Immigration because I got my Work Permit visa in Record time of 6 months but also to state that Thapar Immigration is the best place for all those ambitious individuals who want to immigrate. They are Genuine and Loyal. Even if someone has lost hopes because of any reason they guide you truly about what can still be done. Thanks Harbinder ji (Harry) for your transparency and efficiency.

Sanjeev Goel

Logistics - Delhi

My Story started way back in 2017 when i got to know about the immigration program introduced by Canada. Since, I am in the profession named as merchant navy, none of the consultants gave me affirmation for me being eligible to apply. I went to each available door in Chandigarh as well as in Delhi. All my efforts were useless until I met HARBINDER SINGH THAPAR, CEO of Thapar immigration who showed me the ray of hope for fulfilling my dream. And by the beginning of the new year 2020 I am a proud permanent resident of Canada because of his full dedication towards my case. His knowledge about his field is extra ordinary and he knows how to apply it. I wholeheartedly thanks Mr Thapar for supporting me in the whole process. His working system with his clients is outstanding and he was always available for my doubts. All the best to Mr.Thapar and his team.

Devinder Singh

Merchant Navy – Rudrapur

If you are looking for a great immigration consultant – please, look no further! Thapar Immigration is truly amazing. Not only they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field – they are super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case/problem as their own. Mr. Harry Thapar was always available via email or phone, answered all the questions in details, and during meetings. Thapar Immigration is unlike other consultants who are out there just to collect your money and forget about your case. We are very glad that we chose Thapar Immigration as our consultant.

Arvind Madhkan

IT Professional - Gurgaon

I have applied for my Canadian PR through Express Entry in December 2020 and I got PR in April 2021. This during Covid times when most people are waiting for their PR since 2019. Well that’s the power of Good guidance and a strong profile, which I would have not created without Harry Sir’s help. I am much grateful to him for helping me out personally through each step and being available all the times to sort my queries. It’s because of his help and persistent support and effort, I was able to get high CRS.

Dikshant Kumar

Digital Marketing - Delhi

Thapar immigration provides you the vision to visualize your dream come true with synchronized planning and guidance for your overseas job or business settlement into reality. Meticulous and accurate participation from day one to achieving your goal makes it one of the pioneers in immigration. wish the team big kudos and success.

Jaideep Rathore

Cafe Business - Jaipur

If you are looking for a Professional and Friendly approach then meet Mr. Harry from Thapar Immigration. He understands and Analyzes your situation and provides a correct solution. The big difference between Thapar Immigration and others is the personalized service provided here 24 x7. They have a strong team in Canada as well. They have practical knowledge of the ground situation there plus Mr. Harry has himself worked in USA and Canada, so understands the complexity. I extend my Warm thanks to Mr. Harry and strongly recommend them.

Amit Kumar

Career Development - Ghaziabad

I started my process in last November only and got the ITA in February. I don’t think that it can be faster than this. I came up with so many queries but every time I get the right answer. Thank you team and all the best for your future endeavours!

Gurpreet Singh

Digital Marketing - Chandigarh


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