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As a top-tier study abroad consultant in Delhi. Our proven strategies facilitate admission to renowned universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and beyond. A student visa requires extensive paperwork and research. As consultants, we guide you through the entire process.

  • Free Counselling (No consultancy or Visa Filling Charges)
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Student Education Loan

At Thapar Immigration, we don’t let you hold back your dream because of finance. Our student visa consultant support your educational journey with flexible and accessible financing options.We as a prominent study abroad consultant, provides complimentary career counseling and expert career planning guidance. Our dedicated team of student visa consultant assists you in selecting a suitable study abroad program aligned with your career aspirations. Trust us to guide you through an informed decision-making process.

  • Transparent Eligibility Criteria
  • Comprehensive Funding Solutions
  • Best-in-class approval rates
  • Competitive interest rates
  • End-to-end dedicated support
  • Fast processing times
  • No letter of acceptance required
  • Flexible Co-Applicant and Collateral Requirements*

* Evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Benefits of Education Loan for Study Abroad

We as your student visa consultant in delhi strategies your application so that you can acquire a spot in abroad university.We gather all the information around your profile to come up with number  of university and countries you can apply to get your study student visa.

  • Build a Good Credit History
  • Preserve Family Savings
  • Payback Period up to 15 years
  • All necessary expenses are included in the loan
  • Allow deductions in the Rate of Interest for Abroad Study
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We take great pride in offering impartial guidance for students visa. Our status as an independent study visa consultant means we have no affiliations with any university.We’re Here to help you with your student visa.Unlike many consultants in the field, our allegiance lies with you, not with any particular university. Freed from reliance on commissions from colleges or universities, we can offer unbiased advice tailored to your best interests. Furthermore, our independence from financial backing by banks, venture capitalists, or stock market listings means we face no pressure to prioritize sales. This freedom enables us to think creatively and devise solutions that truly benefit you, your life, and your career.

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