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About Us

At Thapar Immigration, we believe that quality and expertise comes with experience. Our team of experts/resource persons/ process advisers specialize in handling start to finish process of Immigration and visa services like Study,Travel or Work for almost all the countries. Our knowledge is backed by years of experience in the immigration industry.

By choosing to sign up with us, not only you get all the assistance you require to turn your dreams and aspirations into reality, you also remain updated about the latest news, visa rule changes or current happening in various countries.

Our Director – CEO, Mr Harbinder Singh Thapar (Harry) believes in making your dream our mission. He would like every Family to settle or Travel abroad as part of our extension and we pride in hand holding them post landing in their new abode.His travel and Immigration experiences has enriched us enough to foresee the Challenges and Opportunities coming your way and to guide you accordingly.

Our team of experts / resource persons/ process advisers remain at your service not only for professional help, but also equip you to handle and adjust with the life that awaits you in a new country. We are always up for a discussion whenever you need an answer to a query about Schooling for kids, Job opportunities, Rental facilities and Legal paper work post Landing.

Our Mission

To help One Million people by 2025 to achieve their dream life

Our Vision

To help our clients and their families migrate to an elevated life of

quality, security, abundance and happiness.

Our Values

Truth    Transparency    Trust


We want humans to travel the world as if it is borderless...just like the Siberian Crane

Gurpreet Singh, Digital Marketing - Chandigarh

I started my process in last November only and got the ITA in February. I don’t think that it can be faster than this. I came up with so many queries but every time I get the right answer. Thank you team and all the best for your future endeavours!

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