A work visa / permit authorize individuals who aspire to travel to a foreign land to explore job opportunities or take up arranged employment. Applicants, who are skilled and qualified professionally and, who are interested in searching for jobs or those who are already appointed by a company according to the General Labor Agreement would be issued work visa by the destination country.

Work visa is only issued to individuals who possess certain skills that are more than ordinary and for those who are hired by a company overseas too come and work with them due to their professional abilities. The job categories are divided as skilled workers, professionals and other workers in most of the cases for work visa options. If an individual can contribute to the growth and development of a country’s economy, it adds value to the person’s application and visa request is considered.

Citizens across the globe migrate to many different countries for exploring better opportunities overseas in the profession of their choice. The migrants either move to a country and then search for job or travel on an arranged employment. In both the cases a valid work permit is required from the destination country. It is considered illegal to work without a permit in a country which you are not a citizen or PR of.

Whatever category you choose to work in, every employment category has various conditions, requirements and authorized periods of stay. It is of prime importance to adhere to the terms and conditions of your application for the purpose of admission and visa. Also if you want to come and search for a job to another country, your work experience and professional skills must fall under the category of in demand occupation or skill shortage list (in most cases) for a work visa to be granted.

The visa fee, processing time and duration of visa holder’s stay will differ from country to country and case to case. Please get in touch with our process experts for further consultation.