A travel visa allows the visa holder to enter a foreign country for touristic and leisure purposes only. One can stay for a predetermined amount of time. These visas do not entitle the holder to work or engage in any business activities in the host country.


  • The travel visa is for people who wish to make a short visit to a new country for the purpose of vacation, meeting family members or to undergo a medical procedure
  • The Visitor visa process is usually hassle free and less time consuming. Visa is easily obtained by applicants who show a genuine reason for travel or have made an international trip before.
  • Most visitor visa applicants are required to show proof of sufficient funds for supporting themselves in their destination country and that they have arranged for proper accommodation while living on a travel visa.
  • The applicant also needs to have a return ticket as a confirmed proof of leaving the destination country at the end of their visit.
  • The applicants for visitor visas are asked to submit documents to validate their application. With the exception of USA, most countries under regular circumstances do not ask for the applicant to be present for an interview.
  • Biometric testing of the applicant is done by most countries in today’s time when issuing a travel visa.
  • The travel visa is issued for a period ranging from three to six months in most cases, based on the country to which they are applying.
  • The travel visa is granted on arrival at the destination by some countries which have an agreement with the applicant’s home country. In other cases, one needs to apply for the visa in advance from their home country.
  • In most cases, one needs to hold a valid passport, with a validity of at least six months (in most cases), get recent passport size photographs and submit the visa fee with other required documents to the high commission of the destination country which is based in their home country.
  • The application can be made online or by physically visiting the high commission as directed.
  • The visa fee and processing time differs from case to case and country to country. You are advised to visit the high commission’s website for the details or you may get in touch with our process experts for further consultation.