This is also called as regional provisional visa which allows you to live and work in Australia for 4 years thereafter it can be converted into citizenship. To be eligible for this sub class the occupation should be in the demand list of the region. A relative can also sponsor this visa.

Steps involved in the process:

Stage 1:  Skills Assessment

  • The application has to dispatch to the skill assessing authority by submitting their fee and documents.
  • IELTS / PTE may be required during Skill Assessment itself, depends on the assessing authority of the Skill Assessment.
  • It takes 2-3 months usually to get the outcome from the Skill Assessing Authority.

Stage 2: EOI (Expression of Interest) 

  • Post the skill assessment one has to submit EOI along with other details.
  • The transaction number gets generated against the acknowledgement of the application.
  • With that transaction number we will file for the State Sponsorship ( If any state of your choice is open for intake)

Sponsorship (2 to 3 Months)

  • With the skills assessment report, transaction number of EOI and also your IELTS we will dispatch for region sponsorship along with the state fee.
  • Once we dispatch it to the concerned department they will take around 2 to 4 months for them to issue the sponsorship letter.
  • You get an approval letter from the region, we have to mention in EOI regarding the positive sponsorship letter.
  • Immediately they would send you an ITA (Invitation to Apply – valid for only 60 days)
  • Now, with ITA you would know what all documents you need to submit for your visa processing.

Stage 3 : Visa Process( 4 to 6 Months)

With Skill Assessment and Sponsorship letter and other documents we will dispatch it to DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) after paying the visa fee. Once the medical and PCC is submitted, the case goes to the visa officer, they take some time to make a decision on this.

You will have a time frame of up-to 12 months to make your first entry to Australia from the day you receive your VGL.